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Stabat Mater CD mit Claudio Abbado

Stabat Mater - Pergolesi

Dirigent: Claudio Abbado

'Deutsche Grammophon:
ARCHIV-Produktion 477 8077'

When Claudio Abbado is at the helm of a project, one automatically sits up and listens. Apparently, this is the first of three releases in which he will celebrate the output of a composer who might otherwise tend to slip under the radar. Abbado uses his handpicked Bologna-based Mozart Orchestra.... Soprano Rachel Harnisch and contralto Sara Mingardo are not denied vibrato in the Stabat Mater, all of them bringing grace to their singing with tonal richness and expressive touches of verbal colouring. Abbado's own infallible sensitivity to this music is a compelling factor, imbuing the performances with freshness, energy and elegance.
Geoffrey Norris, Telegraph View London

Rachel Harnisch and Sara Mingardo are beautifully matched both in vocal prowess and musical intelligence and this is most noticeable in the imitative passages and, in particular, the famous opening movement with its anguished use of dissonance. Harnisch sets the bar very high in 'Cuius animam gementem' with the tone-colours that she employs for the sword, 'pertransivit gladius,' literally cutting through the orchestra's texture.
Ed Breen, Musical Criticism London