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Royal Albert Hall London - Ein Deutsches Requiem

Ein Deutsches Requiem - Johannes Brahms
BBC Proms in der Royal Albert Hall London, August 2013
Choir & Orchestra of Enlightement London, Dirigentin: Marin Alsop

...Rachel Harnisch's tone was “succulent”, “pure and tasty as a mountain stream. A most comforting and moving performance”….?
The Times

………and the particularly fine, heartfelt soprano of Rachel Harnisch, who sounded born to sing this piece. It was a very distinguished experience, in which 70 minutes of music seemed to pass in a single unfolding arc.
The Guardian

There was little work for the baritone Henk Neven, and even less for the soprano Rachel Harnisch. However, they brought extra weight to the text with Harnisch’s pure, limpid tone leading to the final consolatory lines. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
The Express

Soloists Henk Neven and Rachel Harnisch both gave stellar performances, especially the latter. This was soprano Harnisch’s Proms debut, and I can’t be alone in hoping it will be the first of many appearances in the Royal Albert Hall. Her measured delivery of the words “wieder sehen” (“I will see you again”) was a mournful, resonant and deeply affecting moment.

Swiss soprano Rachel Harnisch imbued "Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit" with the right, limpid beauty. And no praise can be high enough for timpanist Adrian Bending. He made complete sense within the texture of those awkward, insistent continuous Ds at the end of the third movement.

Soprano Rachel Harnisch produced angelic tone in the fifth movement, ‘Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit’.