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David Zinman - Ein Deutsches Requiem am Edinburgh Festival

Ein Deutsches Requiem - Brahms
Edinburgh Festival, August 2013
mit Tonhalle Orchester Zürich, Dirigent: David Zinman

…and a pregnant Harnisch sang tenderly of the comfort of a mother's love. It's a shame that Zinman rushed her: some beautiful colours simply didn't have time to emerge. For all the commendable efficiency of this performance, I was left feeling emotionally short-changed.
The Guardian

But it was only really the two excellent soloists – soprano Rachel Harnisch and baritone Florian Boesch – who infused their lines with much emotional wrangling. Which isn't to suggest that there weren't plenty of stirring moments along the way. Brahms begins his Requiem with a low pulsating pedal note that the Tonhalle's basses proudly resonated around the hall.
The Guardian

The appearance of the baritone, Florian Boesch, and soprano, Rachel Harnisch, really stood out; every note sung by these incredible soloists enthralled the audience. The soprano soloist Rachel Harnisch was fantastic at delivering her segment of the piece, and confident especially as she had to sit on stage and let the nervousness build in climax towards her solo.
Herald Scotland

Rachel Harnisch touched the heartstrings, expressing the comforts of mother love and certain resurrection. In her only entry, she sang beautifully and movingly in a section added by Brahms after the sacred concert.
The Times