Soprano Rachel Harnisch

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Gstaad Festival 2019

Sunday, August 12, 2018, 6:00 pm Church Saanen

Rachel Harnisch, soprano - Thomas E. Bauer, baritone

Ensemble Vocal de Lausanne

Simon Savoy, Celine Monnier - Pierre-Fabien Roubaty, pianos

The "German Requiem" by Brahms occupies a central place in the hearts of many Germans because it speaks to them in their mother tongue. It has nothing in common with the Catholic Mass for the Dead (borrowed from the Brahms' title only), but derives its strength from the simplicity and confidence of the disciples of Luther - those northern Germans who prefer to speak for the dead instead of the living Sorrow to comfort. It is known that Brahms liked to omit the word "German" and set the "man" for it, perhaps with the intention of emphasizing the difference more strongly. "A Requiem for Man" - under this title, the masterpiece could not be classified in any drawer. This time it has a smaller cast with two pianos and the ensemble Vocal de Lausanne, one of the best Swiss choirs founded more than half a century ago by Michel Corboz and since 2015 led by Daniel Reuss. The evening begins with two compositions that Brahms made in the summer of 1887 and 1888 on the shores of Lake Thun on paper.