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Messe Es-Dur mit Claudio Abbado am Salzburg Festival

Messe Es-Dur – Franz Schubert
Salzburg Festival, Juli 2012
Arnold-Schönberg-Chor, Orchestra Mozart Bologna
Dirigent: Claudio Abbado

In the end, he leaves the "Dona nobis pacem" exhausted - Schubert's peace call is in vain. Very long applause, everyone wanted to see Abbado alone on stage. However, he hid behind the soloists Rachel Harnisch, Sara Mingardo, the beautiful tenor Javier Camarena, colleagues Paolo Fanale and Alex Esposito. Modesty and humility, Abbado meets Harnoncourt.
Mercury Online

Here it was possible to appreciate in great detail not only the superb work of the chorus and orchestra but also the fine singing of the soloists. A high point of the evening, and of what I heard of the Spiritual Overture, was Schubert’s trio to the text “Et incarnatus est” in the Credo, as touchingly sung by Rachel Harnisch, soprano, and Javier Camarena and Paolo Fanale, tenors.
New York Times